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Student Agency

Presentation is everything. How you present an activity makes a huge difference in how kids feel about it. For little kids, whenever you can, frame tasks as games to make them more fun. Need to sort the laundry? Challenge your kid to a throwing contest of tossing clothes into the right pile. Or, let them use pieces of cereal as manipulatives for math problems and eat them when they've finished a problem. Sometimes tweens and teens seem to have a "bad attitude" that's really masking insecurity, boredom, or anxiety. They're often hoping we'll help them through it, even when it seems like just the opposite. Staying calm, not taking things personally, and maintaining a sense of humor can go a long way.


At EV, we continue to prioritize student and staff safety and well-being. It is important that students bring water with them each and every day as the weather is still quite warm. Our water bottle filler is located in our cafeteria to keep all of our Hawks hydrated!

Technology Integration

Set a reminder to have your student plug in their laptop each night! Since students are expected to have a charged laptop each and every day for school, please make sure that they fully charge them overnight. One EV parent said that they set an alarm in their phone each night before their child gets ready for bed.

Grade Level Highlights

We had an amazing turnout for Curriculum Night! Thank you to all our Hawk families for supporting your child's education. One of our goals this year is to strengthen our partnerships with parents as you are a valuable member of our school team! You can support your child at home by setting aside time for Smarty Ants/Achieve 3000 and Dreambox computer activities for your child. Engage with your child as they learn from each program.

PBL Highlight

Whether it is designing public service announcements showcasing how others can save the earth, building models of a roof meant to withstand extreme wind, or researching and planning how to save bees, our students are working through meaningful, real world projects within their classrooms! These opportunities will continue throughout the school year.